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Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Today I made a presentation to personal trainers at the college on how to give nutrition advice to clients.  I have been so caught up in research as of recently presenting was good because it got me reminded of the big picture.

To summarize my presentation:

"We want our clients to achieve their goals!  Our clients must create a consistent sensible caloric deficit over time.  In order to spare muscle clients should aim to get adequate protein and resistance train.  Meal timing and macronutrient composition should be based on taste preference, energy level, and convenience.  To worry yourself over such trivial matters will not help you in your weight loss goals!"

 If you have stalled in your fat loss you may want to take note.  Due the following to get back on track.

1.  Set a goal of weight to lose 4-8 lbs in a month is realistic... Use four if you are already lean and eight if you have some room to go.
2.  Calculate your total energy expenditure here (Shave 10-20 % off your total energy expenditure)
3.  Get a food journal and count calories. is a easy free site.
4.  Try to get 1 gram of protein per lbs of body weight a day
5.  Resistance train 2-4 days a week.
6.   Don't over do it on cardio... and eat foods you enjoy... as long as you hit your calorie goals and keep protein intake up fat loss will continue... diet is how you lose fat not running!

If people were to follow the above and commit to three months of consistency the world would be a much healthier happier place.  Don't stress dieting take it day by day and eat foods you enjoy!

I also just entered into a study being conducted on campus... The study is researching betaine and its effect on sprint performance.  Betaine is an amino acid that has been proven to increase cycling power in untrained athletes source.  I am not hopeful that performance enhancements will be statistically signifcant in trained male athletes but I get a free V02 max report and bodycomp testing by signing up, plus its always nice to help the research community!  I will keep the blog updated with the results.

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