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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Apotheosis Progress

People always need to lose a certain amount of lbs by whenever.  Whether spring break is coming up, or you need to fit into a certain dress dieters are always looking for a quick way to shed their stubborn fat.

This is a huge problem, because people often crash diet there way to their arbitrary weight goal, and while doing so they compromise there health, their athletic performance, lose muscle, and when all is said and done the weight comes back on plus some.

I want to encourage dieters to set more realistic weight loss goals, and help reach them much easier.  A realistic goal means losing one-two lbs of body fat a week.  It means lifting heavy weights three-four times a week, and taking an extra ten minutes to count calories each day.  When you think about it, IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.

I want to share with you a story of a client who did exactly that.  Instead of dieting hard, he dieted smart.  Tom was a power lifter with no emphasis on diet what so ever.  After a while of over eating he weighed in at 204 lbs.  When he came to me his goal was to lose fat, but because he was a power lifter, it was absolutely important that he didn't lose strength (Loss of strength is a common side effect of dieting.)

This was Tom at 190 ish fourteen lbs from the beginning of his meal plan and about two months in to his diet plan.  There was no before picture while he weighed 204 so this is the closest picture their is to the start.

For about six months Tom dieted and went from 204 lbs to a lean 164. A TOTAL OF 40 LBS!

During this 40 lbs weight loss, Tom's power lifting total went from an already impressive 1035 for doubles at 204 lbs to a obscene 1085 four doubles at a body weight of 164.

So not only did he gain strength and some muscle, he lost 40 lbs...What's even more impressive is that during this weight loss period he did not run one mile.  In fact he didn't do any cardio.  He even ate foods like brownies, and Wendy's.  He lifted heavy weights three days a week, and focused on his diet.  There was no starvation involved, he focused on creating a consistent mild caloric deficit and over time it showed.

If Tom's success story inspires you to do anything it should be to focus on realistic goals.  He lost 40 lbs in six months but because he didn't starve himself and did not rely on over exercising to lose the weight he does not need to worry about gaining those lbs back.

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